Can You Use Multiple WiFi Extenders to the Router Network?

Can You Use Multiple WiFi Extenders to the Router Network?

Do you want seamless internet access throughout your home without spending more on the internet plans? Well, with some smart moves and technical knowledge, you can now expand your home wireless network in every corner. Luckily, you can connect and use 2 or multiple WiFi extenders to the router simultaneously. WiFi range extenders help to extend the home wireless/wired network of your router. Also, it eliminates the dead network spots of your home.

Query: Can I use multiple WiFi extenders in my home? Will the bandwidth impact? Yes, you can use multiple WiFi extenders. But as you connect various network devices to the extended network, the speed will partially divide equally into each device.

A few of the users think that using two or multiple WiFi extenders at the same time limit the strength and bandwidth of the first WiFi range extender. As a result, the internet speed impacts.

However, people who are using two range extenders simultaneously experience seamless internet connection and interference-free internet in their complete home.

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Can You Have Two WiFi Extenders in Your Home?

So, the answer to this question is, YES! You can. Before applying multiple WiFi range extenders, you need to keep the following things in mind:

  • Your internet speed and plan.
  • Whether it is related to work or home use.

Everyone wants to watch online video in high-definition, and a lag-free network connection while video call and live online game streaming.

Important Note: You can add another WiFi extender with your home WiFi router. Ensure that the second connected WiFi range extender to the router works independently. It should not work as a child WiFi range extender. That means do not sync the second WiFi extender with the first extender’s wireless network.

Where to Use (Two) Multiple WiFi Extenders?

How to connect two range extenders? Before we answer this question, you have to consider underneath are some of the primary points before adding a WiFi extender into your existing home network:

  • Let’s face it! There is always a dead or no-signal zone present in your home or workplace. Especially if your office or home has multiple floors. You can expect your standard WiFi router to deliver WiFi signals on the 4th floor of your office or home.
  • If you have an area larger than 10,000 sq. feet, your router and a single WiFi extender can’t cover the complete area. For that, you to set up multiple WiFi extenders.
  • To check the WiFi signal strength of your WiFi range extender, try to ping the IP address via command prompt.
  • Do not keep two range extenders together while and after the setup process.
  • High radio-interference is another factor behind weak or no signal zone. Devices like radios, televisions, concrete walls, fish tanks, metal doors, microwaves, cordless phones, Bluetooth, etc., impact the reduced signal strength. So, try to place your WiFi router and extender away from these devices.
  • Try to keep your WiFi range extender within the 40 percent signal range of your home router. If you are using multiple WiFi extenders, make sure that both extenders are placed within the router’s 50 percent WiFi signal range.

Bottom Line

Well, suppose you have checked all the aforementioned points. In that case, you are ready to install multiple WiFi extenders in your home or place. You might also have got the answer of ‘Can I use multiple WiFi extenders in my home.’ For more queries related to this topic, you can chat live with our experts anytime.